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SCI 230 Week 9 Human Population Growth

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Write a total of 150- to 300-words in  response to the following:

·         Explain the two types of population growth.

·         Analyze the type of growth exhibited by the human population and its effect on the environment.

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SCI 230 Week 9 Food Web Diagram

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Create a diagram in which you illustrate the energy flow among organisms of a food chain in a particular ecosystem.

Select an ecosystem, such as a temperate forest, desert biome, or the Everglades.

Determine the interdependency of life in your ecosystem by examining its organisms.


Include the following:


·         List the organisms that can be found in your ecosystem. What is the benefit of this biodiversity?

·         Label major organisms that live in your selected ecosystem: P for producers, C for consumers, and D for decomposers.


Write a summary of your food chain that:


·         Describes the major categories of organisms: producers, consumers, and decomposers.
·         Describes the interactions between organisms in your ecosystem.
·         Evaluates potential hazards caused by humans that might affect your ecosystem’s stability, such as environmental pollution. What effect does this hazard have on the biodiversity in your ecosystem?
·         Lists the abiotic factors present in your ecosystem.


·         Describes the food chains associated with your ecosystem. Address the following items:


o    Name of the plant or animal

o    What it eats

o    What eats it

o    How it has adapted to the ecosystem

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SCI 230 Week 7 Individual Evolution Assignment

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Resource: “The Origin of Species” section in Ch. 14 of Campbell Essential Biology With Physiology

Choose a species to research.

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation about your chosen species.

Include the following in your presentation:


·         How may your species have evolved? 
·         Describe the mechanism of speciation, in general, and apply the mechanism to the species you researched. 
·         Include evidence that supports your speciation hypothesis.
What role does natural selection play with this species? What role does it play with evolution in general? Does that apply to this species?

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SCI 230 Week 7 Humans and Natural Selection Paper

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Resource: Readings from text and research


Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following:


·         Humans shape their environment in ways that other organisms cannot. Are humans subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms? Why or why not? (Make sure to sufficiently explain and back up your answer.)


·         Provide an example of convergent and divergent evolution, adaptive radiation, and co-evolution.


Choose one of the examples you provided and discuss the implications this example may have for future humans.

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SCI 230 Week 6 DQ 2

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What are two examples of evidence that support the theory of evolution by natural selection? One example should relate to the anatomy or physiology of animals. Locate a website that discusses the evolution of a new species. Do you agree this is a new species, or is it diversity within the same species? Explain your answer.

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SCI 230 Week 6 DQ 1

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Review the “Natural Selection” section in Ch. 13 of Campbell Essential Biology With Physiology.  Organisms have evolved physiologically and anatomically to adapt to their environment. Select one species from the text or another source. How have their traits evolved by natural selection to maximize their ability to maintain homeostasis and equilibrium?

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