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SPE 556 Week 6 Learning Team Home-School Communications Sheet

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Write a 500- to 750-word check sheet that synthesizes key communication topics and needs identified in the collective interviews. Topics must include academics, behavior, homework, socialization, medication and other health supports, use of assistive technologies, and safety

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SPE 556 Week 6 Individual Professional Ethics Article

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Write a 250-word summary of one professional journal article concerning professional ethics in special education.

Prepare to share the article and its implications with the class in discussion.

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SPE 556 Week 6 Individual Case Study

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Interview the special educator who works with this student and the child’s parent.

Write a 2,000- to 3,000-word summary of your observations in which you address the following:

• Describe characteristics of the student’s disability.

• What types of assessments are used to provide you with information on the student’s strengths and needs?

• What are the student’s present levels of educational performance? Describe academic, processing, and communication strengths and needs.

• How do you teach this student? What accommodations do you need to make for this student? What assistive technologies or augmentative communication devices are appropriate?

• What instructional considerations need to be made for reading, written expression, mathematics, and life or functional skills?

• What are the student’s behavior management, environment management, health care, and self-management needs? Suggest strategies.

• Write IEP goals and objectives to be implemented by various members of the multidisciplinary team.

• Recommend the least restrictive service delivery model for this student and state your rationale.

Document the time spent observing the student and interviewing the special educator on your Field Experience Record.

Note: Because these observations and discussions involve sensitive and confidential information, written permission must be obtained prior to the observations. See the University of Phoenix Material: Student Evaluation Permission Form.

Parents must be informed that your purpose is focused on process only and that no child’s name or identity is used in discussion or in a written assignment.

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SPE 556 Week 5 Learning Team Reflective Responses

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Write a 250-word reflective response to each of the following prompts:

• Describe implications of hearing, vision, or motor loss for a child in a kindergarten to 12th-grade school setting.

• Develop a list of all devices and supports you use to help in accomplishing a variety of daily tasks.

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SPE 556 Week 4 Learning Team Checklist

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Develop a 750- to 1,000-word checklist of necessary topics to be discussed at a multidisciplinary evaluation team meeting when a student with a physical disability, other health impairment, or severe sensory disorder is being discussed.

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